Technical direction and Dataton Trax programming for Cesario Alves's installation.


Logo and identity for N-PSY, a psychiatric clinic, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Cobo Boards

Graphic design for skateboarding company.

La Grand Famille

Titles and graphic design for documentary in France.

Monte do Campo

Graphic and webdesign for a Biodynamic farm in the south of Portugal.

IQ Friends

iOS and Android apps for an internacional startup.

Para ti minha filha

Book design and text for a self published book.

Bayer AlmaTudor

iOS app for Bayer® CropScience Hungary. An utility app for managing apple orchards.


iOS app for there, a Portuguese startup.

iProduction B2B app

B2B app for monitoring industrial horticulture explorations

Awakened Forest Project

Logo and website for a non profit organization.


iOS app for the Solverde hotel and casino group.

Bovillage iPad app

B2B iPad app for Bovillage, a program to promote the French meat industry.

Leya MediaBooks

Mobile version of Leya MediaBooks website, a Portuguese online bookshop.

Bayer Vitiplan

iOS app for Bayer® CropScience™. Utility app for managing vine crops.

Estado Mobile

Proposal for Portuguese Government financial services iOS app.


Digital record cover and booklet for a Rafael Toral project interpreting John Cage.

The Gin Club

Logo and branding for a club specialised in gin in Porto, Portugal.

Lufthansa LGSP

Graphic design and editorial content for a Lufthansa subsidiary.

O Meu Orçamento

Webapp for Deloitte. that allowed people to simulate the portuguese government budget.

Caixa Imobiliário

Proposal for CGD's real-estate iOS app

Metro Lisboa

Official iOS app for the Metro de Lisboa.


iOS application for Torres Distribuição, a luxury watch distributor.

Simulador PAP

Proposal for an iPhone app for a CGD financial product.


Website for ExperimentaDesign and Amoring promoting design using cork.

Vantagens Caixa

iOS app for the national portuguese bank.

Express Glass

iOS app for ExpressGlass, a auto glass repair service company.

Safe Plastic

iOS app that helps identify which plastics are safe while providing valuable information.


Identity design for an organic food cooperative in Porto, Portugal.

São Pedro 2011

Graphic design for a local popular event in the north of Portugal.

Casa da Música

Proposal for a guided tour iPhone/iPad app for Casa da Música.


iOS app for Portuguese marketing magazine, Briefing.

Live at Outfest

K7 cover for Rafael Toral’s Space Collective 3, Live at OUT.FEST.


Inside proposal for rebranding Seara, a portuguese digital agency.

Curtas 2010

Graphic design for the international short film festival "Curtas".

São Pedro 2010

Graphic design for a local popular event in the north of Portugal.


Graphic design for the advanced multimedia services company, LAB52.


Logo, branding and business app for iOS


Virtual office app for iOS.


Graphic design for a social media and mobile startup.

Solar Galeria

Graphic design for the cinematic gallery Solar in Vila do Conde Portugal.

Rosa Viva

Graphic Design for a gourmet catering company.


Graphic design for an independent art book publisher.

São Pedro 2009

Graphic design for a local popular event in the north of Portugal.

EZSpecial Presente

EZSpecial third album


Graphic design for André Cepeda's book River, a Chromma edition.


Album and single cover design for Portuguese rock band, Taxi.

João Louro

Website design for portuguese contemporary artist João Louro.

Feliciano Type Foundry

Webdesign and webdevelopment for Mário Feliciano's type foundry.


Promotional work for portuguese short film agency, Agência.

Story Case

Book design and animation video for a dance show by Né Barros, images by Cesário Alves.


Graphic design for a civil construction company.


Book design for Luis Palma, a Portuguese photographer.


Logo and identity work for Berlin, a cool caffe/bistro & bar.

Space Elements

Record covers for Rafael Toral’s “Space Elements” project.

Foral PV

Graphic design for the celebration of the 700th year of a Portuguese city.

The Golden Aura

Graphic Identity for The Golden Aura project.


Identity system for SLE, Sociedade Lusa de Espectáculos


Branding and identity system for a high standard restaurant.


Identity refresh for notype, a graphic design studio.


Logo design for a Minneapolis vinyl only record label.


Graphic and web design for a new car rental company.

EZSpecial 2007

Rebranding for EZSpecial, a pop rock band


Rebranding and store design for a portuguese coffee brand

São Pedro 2007

Graphic design for a local popular event in the north of Portugal.


Record cover and live video sampling for portuguese rock band.

Space Solo

Record cover design for Rafael Toral’s “Space Solo” series.


Graphic design for a portuguese brand.

João Paulo Feliciano

Website design for Portuguse contemporary artist João Paulo Feliciano.


Book graphic design for photographer Paulo Catrica.

Unknown Landscapes

Book graphic design for photographer Carlos Lobo.


Graphic design and branding for Gutto, a Portuguese rapper and R&B artist.

Fundo de Catálogo

Graphic design for a Portuguese music label.


Graphic design for a print on demand company.


Branding and identity design for a multi medium (internet, newspaper and radio) communication company.


Rebranding for a Xerox premier business partner.

Correntes D’escritas

Graphic design for a literature event in Portugal.


Record cover design for Rafael Toral's "Space".

Agenda Municipal 2006

Monthly publication for the city of Póvoa de Varzim

25 de Abril

Poster for the 25th of April, the date of the Portuguese revolution.

EZSpecial Live at the Coliseums

Promotional material for Coliseu's EZSpecial concerts.

EZSpecial Leitmotiv

EZSpecial second album

Isle of the Dead

Digital media project for Ravinia Festival, Chicago


An installation that brought together video, sound and interaction with the public.

Invisible Realities

Interactive video projection for live performances by Rafael Toral and Deadbeat.

Harmonic Series 2

CD cover design for a Rafael Toral album released in Japan.


Graphic design and photography for the CD “Antologia de Música Electrónica Portuguesa”.

This is music, as it was expected…

Sound-to-light immersive environment installation for EXD Voyager 03.


Explorations in live mix-media


Identity for ElementaDesign a design, marketing and production company.


Multimedia project developed for the 2003 Bolsa Ernesto de Sousa edition.


Book graphic design for photographer Cesário Alves.

System Modular

A collective composed of Helder Luis, Carlos Lobo and João Santos.


DJ and VJ collective that presented live collections of sounds and videos.


Branding and identity system for a popular art gallery in Vila do Conde, Portugal.


Graphic design, interior design, naming and branding for a lounge bar in Portugal.

Módulo 332

Logo and graphic identity for Modulo 332.

EZSpecial in n’out

Branding, identity and graphic design for Portuguese Pop Rock band.


Graphic design for a live art festival in Porto, Portugal.


“Pixel” was a project seeking to reflect on the representation of the body in the new digital age.


Graphic design and TV commercial for a art/music festival.

Contract with the Skin

Multimedia staged dance performance

Starting Up

Video for new year's eve event. A reflection on how we live and where we want to go.

Voyager – Terminal 2

Multimedia installation for Voyager, an itinerant exhibition by ExperimentaDesign.


Catalog design for Serralves and Witt de With museums.

Tempo Real (Dança Brasil)

Interactive live dance and video performance for the Dança Brasil, Rio de Janeiro.

Stop Motion

Houselab work-in-progress live mix-media show.

EZSpecial 2002

Branding for EZSpecial, a pop rock band


Graphic design for a music label

Entertainment Co.

Exhibition catalog for João Louro and João Tabarra at MAC Serralves.

Encontros ACARTE

TV commercial for Encontros ACARTE, an event by the Calouste Gulbenkian, Portugal.

Tempo Real (ACARTE)

Interactive live dance and video performance for the Encontros ACARTE, Portugal.

Houseware Experience 2000

Mixmedia party at Hannover's Expo 2000.


CD, CD-Single and marketing materials for pop-rock band Sequoia.


CD album and 7" vinyl single design for Portuguese alternative rock band.

Houseware Experience 1999

Mixmedia event part of the ExperimentaDesign 1999 edition.


2 color silkscreen poster for KISPO a publication by ESAD.


Graphic design and video for an international classical music festival.

Póvoa de Varzim

Branding, design, publishing and webdesign for the city of Póvoa de Varzim.


Experimental magazine announcement poster and promotional materials.

Turbo Junkie

Graphic design for a rock band from Vila do Conde, Portugal.

Blue Orange Juice

Graphic design for an alternative rock band, part of Garagem record label.

Background Noise

Multimedia project developed for the 1997 Bolsa Ernesto de Sousa edition.


Graphic design for alternative rock label Garagem.

Cais do Rock

Graphic design for an independent rock music festival in Portugal.