An installation that brought together video, sound and interaction with the public.

Ghosts and Ghost are two installations by the Portuguese artist Juliao Sarmento that bring together video and sound, and the interactive character of which plays a fundamental role in their aesthetic reception. Several sonorous elements, both in the main gallery and on the upper floor, draw the visitor into different screening rooms. In them the projectors are activated by the visitor’s presence; however, one sees little more than fleeting bodies, whether these are of a woman or of two children. The spectator’s gaze thus transforms them into mere spectres. These works are based on a presence/absence duality and are thus a game of perception in which the protagonist is the audience.

I was responsible for the multimedia design that incorporated several motion sensors connected to Pioneer V7400 industrial DVD players through an analogue to digital interface and a lot of incredible clever DVD editing and programming.

A project developed under LAB52, a sub-brand of notype for the Centro de Artes Visuais in Coimbra.

The Centro de Artes Visuais (CAV) is a contemporary art institution based in Coimbra, Portugal. The CAV is located in a recently refurbished historical building in the downtown of the city. The CAV has a main gallery that comprises around 500 square meters and an area devoted to small-scale interventions. The CAV is funded by the Portuguese government through the Ministry of Culture, as well as by the Coimbra Town Council.