Multimedia was a logic step for me, as my interests spread from graphic design to music to art to pretty much everything else, the way to put it to motion was to use as many tools as possible… Video was a latter addition but an important one… mostly connected to interactive projects developed in real time such as work done as a VJ or multimedia artist… in collective and personal projects…


Technical direction and Dataton Trax programming for Cesario Alves's installation.

La Grand Famille

Titles and graphic design for documentary in France.

Story Case

Book design and animation video for a dance show by Né Barros, images by Cesário Alves.


Record cover and live video sampling for portuguese rock band.

Isle of the Dead

Digital media project for Ravinia Festival, Chicago


An installation that brought together video, sound and interaction with the public.

Invisible Realities

Interactive video projection for live performances by Rafael Toral and Deadbeat.

This is music, as it was expected…

Sound-to-light immersive environment installation for EXD Voyager 03.


Explorations in live mix-media


Multimedia project developed for the 2003 Bolsa Ernesto de Sousa edition.

System Modular

A collective composed of Helder Luis, Carlos Lobo and João Santos.


DJ and VJ collective that presented live collections of sounds and videos.


“Pixel” was a project seeking to reflect on the representation of the body in the new digital age.


Graphic design and TV commercial for a art/music festival.

Contract with the Skin

Multimedia staged dance performance

Starting Up

Video for new year's eve event. A reflection on how we live and where we want to go.

Voyager – Terminal 2

Multimedia installation for Voyager, an itinerant exhibition by ExperimentaDesign.

Tempo Real (Dança Brasil)

Interactive live dance and video performance for the Dança Brasil, Rio de Janeiro.

Stop Motion

Houselab work-in-progress live mix-media show.

Encontros ACARTE

TV commercial for Encontros ACARTE, an event by the Calouste Gulbenkian, Portugal.

Tempo Real (ACARTE)

Interactive live dance and video performance for the Encontros ACARTE, Portugal.

Houseware Experience 2000

Mixmedia party at Hannover's Expo 2000.

Houseware Experience 1999

Mixmedia event part of the ExperimentaDesign 1999 edition.


Graphic design and video for an international classical music festival.

Background Noise

Multimedia project developed for the 1997 Bolsa Ernesto de Sousa edition.