Graphic design for a documentary about the seasonal workers in France. My work included print materials like posters and titles for the documentary.

“Pia is the daughter of a French ex-model and Zinzin is the son of a former heroin addict. Both of them are ‘saisonniers’ – seasonal agricultural workers. Two different stories with the same fate: nomads living in forests, sheltered by a family chosen by themselves and living a life away from the society they have rejected. Secret hard-tech parties, drugs, hippie revivalism and other rituals have been uncovered by these two young adults, revealing the everyday life of one of the biggest nomad subcultures in Europe.  La Grande Familleis a journey from gloomy pasts into the present day, lived-in family community.”

Direction: Nuno Beirão Vieira & João Pedro Marnoto. Production – Mathieu Mallaise | Orphik Visuals & MediaUtopia. D.O.P & Editing: João Pedro Marnoto. Text: Nuno Beirão Vieira. Sound: Nuno Beirão Vieira & João Pedro Marnoto. Music: The Golden Aura.