Multimedia staged dance performance

In this project technology was used to sample and zoom in on different textures and surfaces that were used as a morphing background to the stage. The computer images were triggered in a random way by the performers map space. Two TV monitors were used with a surveillance camera that would be intercepted with pre-recorded textures of the performance space or external textures. Simultaneously another computer would project words to the left wing of the stage with live writing.

A scanner is also used, scanning the skin of a male performer and this is projected on the back of the stage on a full length screen. This overlaps visually with the female performer’s movement dynamics. The movement ideas were developed from the cell structure, nucleus, cytoplasm membrane, the skin as an envelope; it’s fluid architecture and flexibility, a constantly regenerating cover, serving as genesis of the creative tissue. The lighting design was computerized in sharp sequences – having the cell membrane as the main structural idea, as well using segmentation and localization applied to the performance space / performance bodies. In terms of sound, several corridors of sound were created (synthetic sounds, organic sounds, various samples of: instruments, the performer’s voices and political speachs) and they would be mixed in real time according to the path of the day’s performance. There was a basic specific structure/sound map that could be intersected by new sounds but always respecting the established environment.

Poster of the event.