Mixmedia event part of the ExperimentaDesign 1999 edition.

Live event that included a resident team and guests from different creative areas with the intention of exploring live mixmedia. The team included DJ’s, VJ’s, musicians, designers, sound engineers, light designers, and set designers.

The event was a central part of the first edition of ExperimentaDesign. The event took place at Central Tejo, Lisboa.

I was responsible for the advanced multimedia that worked with live video sampling and together with João Paulo Feliciano (he designed the logo and first graphic design elements) i also designed some graphic design pieces and produced a TV commercial.

Participants: João Paulo FelicianoDub Video Connection, Helder Luis, Joe Fossard, Rafael Toral, T.V.T, Luis Miguel, RevDesign, D-FuseThe ApolloprogramNonplace Urban FieldAmon Tobim,David Toop, I’m Sore, Zzzzzzp!, Major Eléctrico, Lisburn, Peterman, Dreamlab.

“Nowadays there are no limits to evaluate what is likely to be seen as art. This idea is somewhat controversial because an artistic object and the way it is perceived depends on the position or place from the subject. An event such as Houseware Experience is a fascinating challenge because helps to redefine the notios of what is “central” and “peripheral, experimental and playfull, “high” and “low” culture, reality and simulacrum. The relationships are not always clear. And this is perhaps why that when we see ourselves confronted by an object of design, or a performance by a non-musical like Bernd friedman we feel compelled to re-evaluate the reasons for lending value to that material. That is a way to stimulate both thought and the senses.” — Vítor Belanciano