I developed an interactive live video software programmed in Max/MSP/Jitter that captured the live sound of the orchestra and in real time created graphics according to specific music parameters.

Outdoor digital media project to accompany a live performance by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra under maestro Leonard Slatkin conducting Rachmaninoff’s symphonic poem Isle of the Dead. The visual project was shown on very large screens and consisted of an interactive digital media projection of Boecklin’s painting The Isle of the Dead, the inspiration for the music. A special software was designed enabling the live music to bring the painting to life as the music was being performed.

The Ravinia Festival presented this project as a highlight of its centenary programme.

This project was sponsored by The Serge Rachmaninoff Foundation. Collaborators included artist Julião Sarmento and digital artist Helder Luis and was produced by Svetlana Sequeira Costa (Mandarina International Arts Consultancy).

The Isle of the Dead is a painting by Arnold Boecklin, property of the Kunstmuseum in Basel (Switzerland).

This painting inspired Sergei Rachmaninoff to compose his symphonic poem The Isle of the Dead.

The painting is a beautiful symbolic painting of the 19th century with a most exquisite image of a small island in colours or ochre stone and dark green trees, a beautiful dark blue sea and a small boat with the death personified as a woman – standing, her back to us and moving towards the island.

The painting is movement and music in itself.