Explorations in live mix-media

Landscape was a work in progress project that presents itself to the public as an audio-visual performance but where music and live generated graphics, images and video where presented as one. The dialog created between the images and the music made this project very interesting from an artistic point of view.

Landscape members where Helder Luis, João Pedro and Sérgio Gomes.
Landscape was part of the [age&see] network.

I developed software in MAX dedicated specifically to the mixing and layering of different sources (images, videos and graphics). This custom software allowed me to take a not very big library of media and turn it into, almost like, an instrument. Using animation, color and geometry i was able to manipulate media elements into endless variations and create a cohesive dialog with the music and at the same time consolidating a language that together with the music in the end created a “brand”. This was “Landscape”.

To further reinforce the brand i also designe all the printed and digital flyers. Here are some examples…