A multi-year collaboration between the band, photographer Cesário Alves and me that produced a few record covers and other graphic materials.

The band was formed by brothers Simão, Paulo and Domingos Praça.

In 1995 they released their first album “Junkie For Sale” (designed by the band) and two years later they released “Used” which included the participation of the singer Viviane from “Entre Aspas” singing in a version of “Bonnie & Clyde” by Serge Gainsbourg.

The CD box “Three, Two, One”, launched in 1998, included the first two CD’s and “Junkie Radio Sessions”, a recorded live radio session on Antena 3 with three original songs (“Nameless”, “Free as a Fucking Bird” and “Eye Believe”), the versions of “Tomorrow Never Knows” by the Beatles and “She’s So Fine” by Jimi Hendrix and a multimedia track with the music video of “Switch on”.

In 1999 they released the album Turbojunkie. The greatest hits of this album were “Happy” and “Sun In My Face”.