I was one of the co-founders and CTO/Chief Designer of the startup. I’ve developed the branding, name, promotional video and website and i lead the development of the app.

There, was an App that revolutionise (at least in concept) the way we connect. At the time it took a different approach to how we see the world.

A window into the world…

There App was selected from over 400 startups in 46 countries to join the 2014’s Lisbon Challenge.

Unfortunately venture capitalist didn’t believe the concept would be successful…

A year after There app was launched, Periscope and other apps validated our concept and the rest is history as they say in Silicon Valley.

Introducing there.

there is a platform that lets you be limitless and travel for a moment, to anywhere somebody else is present.

May you be a surfer wondering about the waves at your favourite beach, a group of friends wanting to know if a bar is full and rocking, or a tourist searching for a suggested spot.

there app gives you the possibility of visiting, within seconds, any location another there user is located at. That user then video-streams his surroundings directly to you. We call this sharing a moment !

there app, your window into the world.