Graphic design for alternative rock label Garagem.

Multi year colaboration that resulted in a logo, several compilations records and Portuguese band albums and other marketing materials such as posters and flyers. Garagem also published a number zero of it’s own magazine accompanied with a CD.

Garagem mostly promoted rock concerts, and started his official activity in 1996, in Guimarães. The presentation took place at Garagem Festival, which featured numerous bands of renown in the national scene. The result of this success was the Garagem compilation, intended to introduce new Portuguese talent, including Bergen-Belsen, Blind Man’s Buff, Parkinson’s, Red Beans, among others (like Gomo, who is now a success).

Garagem was a project of the one and only, Marco Martins. For some time, Garagem was huge force in the Portuguese alternative music scene releasing records from bands nobody have ever heard of and discovering new projects all over Portugal.

Nowadays Garagem is focused in electronic music and is still run by Marco Martins.