Under the Above

HD video, color, multichannel sound (4.1), 10 ‘, 2018

“Under the Above” is a piece that deals with the experience of being alone, at sea, after a shipwreck.
A reflection on the panic, the despair and the surrender of one’s life to a sea that embraces us peacefully until the moment of the ultimate spiritual frontier, death.
The end result resembles a dream in which we know that we are likely to drown and die. We can feel the air abandon our lungs and the fear dominate us. We tried to get above the water and scream, but there is no one to hear us, just a blue immensity, and then we began to swim, to battle and to shake ourselves so we can breathe again. But everything is useless. After some time, we can do nothing to free ourselves from this state of despair and all we have left is to wait for death. Surprisingly, in an instant before we die, we are inundated with an emotion that makes us yearn for the warmth of light and the comfort of the familiar stranger.

Dedicated to those who lost their lives at sea.