Audiovisual art installation about the sea and the fisherman lives.

The MAR installation intends to express what it was, and still is, to go to sea. To experience this reality that involves having the unknown in front of us and the abandonment of the familiar behind us. The dichotomy between these two worlds that merge and separate at various moments in the life of the fisherman: man as an explorer and as a sensitive and social being, who feels pain and hope while fighting the sea and his own demons.

The result is a personal meditation on the subject, and at the same time an opportunity to provide this same meditation to those who visit the installation.

During the production of the MAR installation, I set out to the sea on several fishing boats along with their respective crews. During these trips I collected audio and video that are part of this installation but in addition, I developed an admiration for these people that goes beyond the purpose of this artistic object.

To all these people I dedicate the MAR installation.

Thank you to MAC of Serralves, CMPV (Aires Pereira, Luis Diamantino, Francisco Casanova), BMPV (Manuel Costa, Daniel Curval), MMPV (Deolinda Carneiro), Capitania do Porto da PV, APMSHM (Mestre Festas), Maria do Desterro, Pedro Oliveira, Cesário Alves and especially to the owners, captains and crews of the vessels Senhora dos Anjos, Domingos Manuel, Cristo Jovem, Fúria, Fugitivo and Virgem Santíssima.

With the support of:

MAR installation was first presented at the Capela da Casa de Serralves, part of the Serralves museum of contemporary art in Porto, in June 3, 2018.

Here are some images of the event: