In 2007 after the iPhone came out there was no option to include your own ringtones, and the included ringtones were too soft and sometimes hard to ear the phone when it was ringing. After Apple allowed us to use our own ringtones i decided to bring to life some old Ericsson ringtones.

So in 2008 i posted in my website the instruction how to make your own ringtone and also my own progressive (there was no way to have progressive ringtones back then) iPhone ringtone.

The post and the ringtone became so popular (Daring Fireball even posted a short mention to it) that i decided to create a special section on my old website to distribute the popular ringtone and other ringtones i would eventually make in the future… my ringtone came to be one of the most used ringtones on the iPhone.

Since i moved to a new website i no longer maintain the old website, this is a replacement page for the old page that existed in my old website.

You can download the original progressive iPhone ringtone and a few new ones on the new micro website “HL Ringtones“.